Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 90% TCCA Chemistry Powder/Granular/Tablets for Swimming Pool

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 90% TCCA Chemistry Powder/Granular/Tablets for Swimming Pool

Other name:SDIC/NaDCC
Available Chlorine: 60%,56%min
CAS No.:2893-78-9
Usage: sterilization,bleach,disinfection
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Product Details

Today, our company continues to develop and grow, we learn from advanced technology in the same industry and improve it, so that our Swimming Pool Water Treatment Chemicals, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Coronavirus, Tcca Tablets has unparalleled superiority. We win the market and repay the society with the business philosophy of 'integrity and pragmatism', enabling us to maintain steady and healthy development in an extremely competitive market, and achieve good economic and social benefits. Welcome customers to inquire and visit us! We have excellent craftsmanship and production technology, and a complete set of production facilities. We hope to affix hands with mates in different industries to make a excellent future.

Product Description

Swimming pool disinfection tablets: it is a special swimming pool disinfection product. Small white flakes. Its main component is trichloroisocyanuric acid. Its chlorine content is 50%, which can be quickly dissolved. Therefore, it is also called instant disinfection tablet or instant swimming pool.

Product Parameter

Product No.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 


21ton (1FCL)

Available Chlorine



Plastic drums 50kg or Customized




5-15mesh,8-30mesh, 20-60 mesh(or decided by customer)



Solubility(25 ºC)

25g/100g water



UN No.


Useswimming pool sterilization and disinfection solution
Hazardous Class


Our factory


Packaging & Delivery


The disinfection effect of swimming pool disinfection tablets is better than that of swimming pool disinfection powder. It can be sprayed directly into the swimming pool. Disinfection tablets quickly dissolve in the bottom of the pool. The residual chlorine can diffuse quickly and evenly into the entire pool water, which can quickly increase the residual chlorine in the pool water. Suitable for supplementing residual chlorine before opening, especially for swimming pools without recycling equipment. The pH value of the disinfection tablets is close to neutral, so the pH value of the pool water is less affected when used

These efforts include the availability of customized designs with speed and dispatch for Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 90% TCCA Chemistry Powder/Granular/Tablets for Swimming Pool. We set long-term goals with a sincere and diligent mind. We have maintained a leading edge in technology and service among our peers, and have good cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign customers.
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