Sodium Troclosene Troclosenum Natricum or Nadcc Disinfectant Chlorine Tablets Water Purification Tablets

Sodium Troclosene Troclosenum Natricum or Nadcc Disinfectant Chlorine Tablets Water Purification Tablets

Other name:SDIC
Available Chlorine: 56%,60%min or customized
CAS No.:2893-78-9
Usage: sterilization,bleach,disinfection
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Product Details

Our enterprise has a quality assurance system are actually established for Swimming Pool Chemical Tcca 90, chian Nadcc For Detergent, Nadcc Tablets For Disinfectant. 'Dedicated to providing reliable customer service' is our aim. Our mission is to enable customers to stay ahead of escalating competition and product quality management functions.

Product Description

The disinfection solution made of NaDCC disinfection tablets is based on releasing available chlorine and exists in the form of HOCl (hypochlorous acid). Available chlorine can effectively kill a wide range of bacteria, molds and viruses.

Product Parameter

Product No.

NaDCC tablets


21ton (1FCL)

Available Chlorine



Plastic drums 50kg or Customized





Solubility(25 ºC)

25g/100g water



UN No.


Size2g-200g or customized
Hazardous Class


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NaDCC tablets advantages

1.NaDCC tablets have strong bactericidal power

NaDCC only releases about 50% of chlorine as available chlorine. "Storage chlorine" in the form of chlorinated isocyanurates creates a continuous balance. When there are many impurities or variable organic substances in the water, the effectiveness of "storing" available chlorine increases the sustainability of sterilization. So NaDCC is more bactericidal in organic solution

2.NaDCC tablets are highly stable

In terms of stability, an increase in pH destroys the germicidal power of chlorine because of the dissociation of HOCI (HOCl ← → H + OC1-). At pH 7, 78% of the chlorine is present in the active HOCI. When the pH is increased to 8, the chlorine drops to 26%. NaDCC can continuously release meaningful HOCI, allowing HOCI to affect in a wider pH range. The stability of NaDCC lozenges and the activity of preserving chlorine surpass other chlorine-producing compounds. The quality of bactericidal power depends on the total amount and stability of available chlorine released.

3.Long storage time of NaDCC tablets

The opened NaDCC tablets can be stored for 5 years

We always adhere to the business tenet of 'Quality First, Service Excellence', and use a complete business system to continue to provide users with high-quality Sodium Troclosene Troclosenum Natricum or Nadcc Disinfectant Chlorine Tablets Water Purification Tablets and professional services. This company is committed to meeting the strict requirements of users for product performance through the rigorous selection of raw materials and formulation adjustments, professional design and precision processing. With the concept of 'excellent quality and first-class service', we will meet the challenges of the market.
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