Poly Aluminium Chloride Yellow Powder

Poly Aluminium Chloride Yellow Powder

CAS No.:7778-54-3
EINECS No.:231-908-7
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Water insoluble::3.0-5.0% max
SHELF LIFE:2 years
UN NO: 2880
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Product Details

The chian Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Coronavirus, Tcca 88 Powder, chian Calcium Hypochlorite (powdered Bleach) of our company is dependable in quality, competitive in prices, excellent in quality and sustainable. We have always considered providing users with better products as our brand vision, and promoting the development of the industry as our brand mission. As a company with a professional team, we rely on an open world and global exchange of ideas and products. Enterprise development should be people-oriented, which is to create greater benefits for customers and to meet their needs, as well as to help employees realize their own value. We can design and make products according to the needs of customers.

Product description:

The main components of bleaching powder are calcium hypochlorite [Ca(CLO)2] and basic calcium chloride (CaCL2). It is a white powder substance with a great smell of chlorine. When it reacts with carbon dioxide and water in the air, it can generate hypochlorous acid (HCLO). Hypochlorous acid is an extremely unstable chemical substance that easily decomposes into active oxygen, which is atomic oxygen. . This kind of oxygen has a strong oxidizing effect, it can combine with colored substances, it can decompose all colors, and it can turn those colored objects into colorless.


Other Application:

In addition to bleaching, bleaching powder has another main purpose, which is disinfection. Most of the tap water we drink daily uses bleach for disinfection. The principle of disinfection of bleaching powder in tap water is that when bleaching powder meets water, it will produce extremely unstable hypochlorous acid. At this time, the chlorine and oxygen atoms produced by the decomposition of hypochlorous acid will produce through oxidation and chlorination. The powerful bactericidal effect quickly kills bacterial spores, viruses and fungi. Therefore, bleaching powder for disinfection of livestock houses, tools, vehicles, etc. is also a good material that is both economical and affordable.

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Our commitment is to provide high quality Poly Aluminium Chloride Yellow Powder and create more value for customers, proving that we are the most trusted partner in this sector by hard work. We are here expecting friends all over the world! The new development strategy we formulated is aimed at improving profitability and optimizing the corporate structure.


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