OEM Various Packages Swimming Pool Chemicals

OEM Various Packages Swimming Pool Chemicals

CAS No.:7778-54-3
, MF:Ca(ClO)2
, EINECS No.:231-908-7
, Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
, Purity:65%,70%
, Water insoluble::3.0-5.0% max
, SHELF LIFE:2 years
, UN NO: 2880
, HS:28281000
, Appearance:powder,granule,tablet
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The performance of our Calcium Chloride Tablets, Calcium Chloride Snow Melt, chian Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 56% is unmatched, and it completely solves the problems of high operating cost, low work efficiency and difficult after-sales service in the operation of traditional product. We constantly improve the quality and technical content of products, enhance our own strength, and provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services. Let's speeding within the dark! We always consider our customers, meet their individual needs, and create products with reliable performance.


Calcium hypochlorite has high-efficiency bleaching and antibacterial effects. It can be used for the bleaching of cotton and linen textiles, chemical fibers, pulp, starch, and also for industrial sewage treatment, mining cyanide wastewater treatment, sanitation and epidemic prevention and household sanitation facilities, as well as swimming pools, wastewater, vegetables, Disinfection and sterilization of fish ponds, sericulture, and ground.


Standard: GB/T10666-2008
Color: white or light grey
Form: Granular, Powder, Mixed, 1-500g Tablet
Available Chlorine:60%、65%

1) High effective chlorine content
2) Good stability. Can be stored a long time at normal temperature with little chlorine loss
3) Good solubility, less water-insoluble matters

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We have the most up-to-date production line of OEM Various Packages Swimming Pool Chemicals at the moment, which guarantees the quality to meet industry standards and specifications. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide. Pursuing and continuously creating the maximum satisfaction of users is the core goal we put in our efforts and strive for.
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