Industry Grade Calcium Chloride CAS No. 10043-52-4 Powder, Flake, Granule

Industry Grade Calcium Chloride CAS No. 10043-52-4 Powder, Flake, Granule

CAS No.:7778-54-3
EINECS No.:231-908-7
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Water insoluble::3.0-5.0% max
SHELF LIFE:2 years
UN NO: 2880
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With advanced technology, high-quality raw materials, and professional quality, our Tcca Swimming Pool Chemicals, Calcium Chloride Tablets, Calcium Hypochlorite Pellets has exported to many countries and regions in the world, and has won unanimous praise in the market. After years of research and exploration in this field, we have accumulated rich experience and created many high-quality products In order to enable customers to get the most efficient service in the shortest time, we constantly develop and introduce the latest specifications of products to expand and enrich the inventory to meet the customer's requirements. Our company has formulated a code of conduct, which reflects our basic attitude towards corporate social responsibility and the standards that employees should meet in daily operations. Our company has always ensured to provide users with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service with modern equipment, complete quality management and continuous innovation of technology.

Product information:


Type:calcium hypochlorite

CAS No.:7778-54-3

Other Names:Bleaching Power


EINECS No.:231-908-7

Appearance:white or light grey


a) Bleaching of wood pulp, cotton, hemp, silk, cloth, fiber etc.

b) Widely used in disinfection of drinking water, hotel, hospital, swimming pool, pond and bath room


Packing way

45kg drum and 50kg drum

Supply Ability

2000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Our factory


Shipping and Packing


We rely on the business philosophy of honesty, adhere to the development policy of 'high starting point, high quality, specialization', we will definitely become the future model of the Industry Grade Calcium Chloride CAS No. 10043-52-4 Powder, Flake, Granule industry. We have been constantly improving and we have stood more and more stable in the fierce competition in the industry circle. We are determined to continually promote open innovation while solving social issues to achieve sustainable development.


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