Calcium Chloride Flake/Pellet/Powder/Granular for Oil /Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride Flake/Pellet/Powder/Granular for Oil /Ice Melt

CAS No.:10043-52-4, 10043-52-4
EINECS No.:233-140-8
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity:74% - 94%
Model Number:74% - 94%
Water insoluble::0.15% max
Sulphate:0.1% max
Magnesium and alkali metal chloride:4.0% max
Heavy Mental:0.001% max
Alkalinity:0.20% max
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Product Details

We strictly implement the management policy of designing 95% Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Pellets, Nadcc Disinfectant Tablets, Tcca 90 Granular according to customers' expectations. We always put the advanced equipment of our plants in the first place and invest heavily in advanced equipment. Customers are the focus of our attention, and achieving customer satisfaction is our aim. We are full of enthusiasm and sincerely hope to cooperate with our customers, go hand in hand, and create a better future! Adhering to the principles of professionalism and integrity, we are sure to continue to achieve changes and make our company a leader on the world stage!

Product introduction

Due to the unique physical properties of calcium chloride itself, such as high solubility, high heat of dissolution, strong hygroscopicity, and low temperature, the aqueous solution is not easy to freeze, such as melting snow in winter, road dust, oil drilling, moisture absorption. It has a wide range of uses.

Product parameters


Calcium chloride







Molecular weight




calcium chloride is widely used in snow & ice melting,oil & gas drilling, moisture-absorbing,,Mutli-use Dryer, Dehydration agent, cryogen, removing agent, dust collecting agent, polycoagulant,refrigeration, Buiding antifreeze, rubber and petroleum industries.


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Our Calcium Chloride Flake/Pellet/Powder/Granular for Oil /Ice Melt is a new product, which is the current traditional product after several times of renewal and has good economic and social benefits. We do not forget our original intention, forge ahead, and continue to develop high-end and advanced products to meet the diversified and all-round needs of customers and the market. We are looking forward to working with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to seek common development and win the future together!


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