Body Human Disinfection Tablets Effervescent Tables of Water Treatment

Body Human Disinfection Tablets Effervescent Tables of Water Treatment

Other name:SDIC/NaDCC
CAS No.:2893-78-9
Available Chlorine: 56%,60%min
Usage: sterilization,bleach,disinfection
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Our Nadcc Tablets, chian Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Bleach, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Coronavirus has undergone rigorous performance testing and repeated field testing, which ensures its good quality and stable performance. We uphold a rigorous scientific attitude, pragmatic work style, and honest business philosophy to create a better tomorrow with our customers! Our company values the adherence to innovation-driven strategy. In the past years, our company has made continuous development and improvement in R&D, technology, experience, equipment and other aspects. We have formed a strong production and design and development capability to ensure product quality, precision and stability.

Product Description

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate water purification has a complete killing effect on sulfuric acid reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and fungi in circulating water systems.It can effectively prevent fish diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and algae, and has obvious curative effect on fish viral diseases.

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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate can be used in aquaculture such as fish, shrimp, crab, bullfrog and so on. Clear pond, fish species disinfection, water disinfection  and fish disinfection.

Product Storage

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Protect from  direct sunlight. The package must be sealed and not exposed to moisture. It should be stored separately from the combustibles, ammonium salts, nitrides, oxidants, alkalis, etc., and should not be mixed.

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Our Body Human Disinfection Tablets Effervescent Tables of Water Treatment has won unanimous praise from customers because of their novel design, reliable quality, and beautiful appearance. Through our own brand advantages and technology content, combined with the market demand of different regions in the world, we deliver our products all over the world. Our company takes every product and every project seriously and wins the trust of users with high quality.
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