Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Desiccant, 74%, 77%, 98%, in Bag Dehumidification Box

Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Desiccant, 74%, 77%, 98%, in Bag Dehumidification Box

CAS No.:10043-52-4, 10043-52-4
EINECS No.:233-140-8
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity:74% - 94%
Model Number:74% - 94%
Water insoluble::0.15% max
Sulphate:0.1% max
Magnesium and alkali metal chloride:4.0% max
Heavy Mental:0.001% max
Alkalinity:0.20% max
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Specification of calcium chloride ice melt pellets

Package Size (lbs.): 50

Type:Ice melt

Primary Active Ingredient: Calcium Chloride

Storage Requirements:Store in a non-humid climate controlled

Calcium chloride pellets is a chemical substance with a molecular formula of CaCl2·2H2O or CaCl2. Calcium chloride  pellets is divided into calcium chloride dihydrate and anhydrous calcium chloride, which is highly soluble in water and emits a large amount of heat. Easy to solve. Soluble in alcohol, acetone, acetic acid, etc.


Deicer and cooling bath

Calcium chloride pellets can lower the freezing point of water. Spreading calcium chloride hydrate on the road  can prevent icing and deicing and snow melting, but the salt water after melting snow will destroy the soil and vegetation along the road and deteriorate the pavement concrete.

The calcium chloride solution can also be mixed with dry ice to prepare a low temperature cooling bath. The stick  of dry ice was added portionwise to the brine solution until ice cubes appeared in the system. The cooling bath stabilization temperature that can be maintained by different types and concentrations of salt solution will vary.  Calcium chloride is generally used as a salt raw material, and the desired stable temperature is obtained by adjusting the concentration, not only because calcium chloride is cheap and easy to obtain, but also because the  eutectic temperature of the calcium chloride solution (that is, the solution is completely condensed to form granular ice). The temperature of the salt particles is quite low and can reach -51.0℃, which allows the adjustable  temperature range from 0℃ to -51℃. The method can be implemented in a dewar which can maintain the heat preservation effect, or can be used in a general plastic container to hold the cooling bath when the volume of the  dewar is limited and at the same time, a large amount of salt solution needs to be prepared. The maintenance is also relatively stable.

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