Wide Range Of Uses For Liquid Calcium Chloride

- Aug 17, 2020-



  1. It is an important refrigeration medium, refrigerant, and antifreeze for freezer and ice making;

  2. It can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of construction mortar. It is an excellent antifreeze and coagulant for construction;

  3. Used as antifogging agent and road dust collector in ports;

  4. Flame retardant (flame retardant) and fire retardant for cotton fabric

  5. Used as protective agent and refining agent for aluminum-magnesium metallurgy;

  6. It is a precipitant for the production of lake pigments;

  7. It is a coagulant for producing rubber;

  8. Used for waste paper processing and deinking;

  9. It is the raw material for the production of calcium salt;

  10. Used as a flocculant in the sodium alginate industry and soy products industry;

  11. It can also be used to make barium chloride, to treat boiler water, to produce metallic calcium, and to be used in fabric sizing, road treatment, coal treatment, tanning, medicine and other fields.