Use The Characteristics Of The Pool Disinfection Tablets

- May 08, 2019-

The swimming pool disinfection tablet is mainly composed of trichloroisocyanuric acid and has the following characteristics:

 1. Basic parameters: content ≥ 90%, ie dissolved disinfectant, powder, 50Kg / barrel, hair weight 50kg, 50 sachets, 1 kg / bag.

 2, use occasions and methods: mainly used for swimming pool disinfection, to avoid microbial growth in water, bacterial overruns and water green.

The application rate is 2-3 Kg / 1000 m3, which is usually used every day.

When the flow of people is large, the climate can be doubled when the weather is rainy.

The impact treatment is performed once a week, and the disinfecting sheet 2 is added to prevent the greening of the water and the growth of the moss according to the usual usage amount of -3 times.

Sprinkle it evenly into the pool before pouring it into the water. Usually, it will be put in at night, and the pool disinfectant film will test residual chlorine for 1-2 hours before opening.

 3, to achieve the effect: can quickly kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial spores, bacterial reproduction, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.

For type A, B, C and other types of hepatitis virus, influenza, tuberculosis (mycobacteria), mycoplasma, chlamydia and other viruses have a strong swimming pool disinfection effect.

4. Note: When adding disinfectant, the algicidal drugs cannot be put together. The pool disinfection tablets need to be separated by 12 hours.