Three Mechanisms Of Fungicides

- Oct 24, 2019-

1. The fungicide can melt the cell wall and destroy the balance of its internal and external environmen. In that case, it cause the bacteria to die.

2. The fungicide can hinder the respiration of the bacteria. For most microorganisms need to breathe. the enzyme containing protein thiol plays a key role in respiration, and the fungicide can enter in a short time. The cells of the microorganism react with the protein thiol to destroy the enzyme, inhibit the respiration of the cells, and the cells stop growing. The free radicals produced by the reaction will further destroy the cells, causing the microorganisms to lose their repair function and die.

3. The active group of the fungicide reacts with the base on the nucleic acid, and the chicken hinders the progress of the nucleic acid and destroys its growth and reproduction.