The Latest News From Hubei Chemical Safety Association

- Jul 14, 2020-


Zhan Xuegui, Secretary General of the Provincial hubei Chemical Safety Association, made a special report on the overall safety risk assessment of 13 chemical zones: Regarding the establishment and overall layout of 13 chemical parks, the scientific and rational contents were identified, the safety risks of chemical zones were identified, and safety measures were proposed. 


 Emergency rescue countermeasures are recommended to standardize the construction and safety management of chemical zones, ensure the safe and stable operation of chemical zones, and prevent the risk of major accidents from overflowing. In conjunction with relevant national and provincial regulations and standards, the "Guidelines for Chemical Park Safety Risk Investigation and Governance (Trial)" comducting In-depth interpretation.

  Xu Ke, deputy director of the Provincial Security Committee Office and chief engineer of the Provincial Department, made a concluding speech and put forward requirements for the work of the chemical park.


 The meeting was chaired by Director Guan Yehua , the Provincial Department of Hazardous Chemicals , in charge of the leadership of the Provincial Department, all the personnel of the Provincial Department of Hazardous Chemicals, the heads and related personnel of the Provincial Chemical Registration Center, the Provincial Safety Production Association, the Provincial Chemical Safety Association, and the provincial chemical industry.  The security committee of the county (city, district) where the park is located, and the relevant personnel of the emergency bureau of each city (state) and county (city) participated in the meeting.