The Effect Of Calcium Chloride On Mechanical Properties

- Jul 30, 2020-


1. Compressive strength

If calcium chloride and calcium chloride are used as accelerators in concrete, the hardening speed of concrete can be increased. Comparing conventional concrete and concrete using calcium chloride, the difference in strength in the first three days is between 30% and 100%. In the case of increased temperature, the influence of calcium chloride on the strength growth is particularly significant.

2. Flexural strength

The ASTM C-494 standard requires that the flexural strength on day 3 should be at least 110% of the control section. After a longer period of curing, the flexural strength of concrete containing calcium chloride may exceed that of the control specimen.

3. Shrinkage and creep

The use of calcium chloride will increase the shrinkage of the concrete, and the slenderness will increase the creep of the concrete.