The Chlorine Harm

- Jul 23, 2020-

Does chlorine harm the human body?


  During the actual use of swimming venues, the concentration of disinfectants in the swimming pool water will change due to factors such as differences in the health management of the venues, changes in the number of swimmers, pool water temperature and water change frequency. If the content of the disinfectant is low, the pool water cannot be effectively disinfected, and microorganisms are likely to breed; if the content of the disinfectant is too high, it will irritate human skin and mucous membranes and corrode human skin and mucous membranes.


   I believe everyone has this situation. After a long time in the water, the eyes will become red, the skin on the hands will be wrinkled and white, and the hair will be frizzy. This may be caused by the chlorine in the water. Generally, disinfectants are added to swimming pools. Disinfectants are strong oxidants and can damage skin and hair. This is also commonly known as "chlorine damage."


   During simultaneous swimming, human metabolites and sunscreens that enter the pool water will enter the pool water and react with disinfectants to form disinfection by-products, which will also affect the health of swimmers.