Method For Disinfecting Tablets Using Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

- May 06, 2019-

The disinfectant tablet has a chlorine content of ≥50% and is an instant tablet, which means it dissolves in about 10 minutes after being sprinkled into the swimming pool. In order to make the chlorine residue of the swimming pool reach the standard, more effective and good water quality.

Add 2-4 grams of disinfectant per cubic meter of water.

(2-4KG / 1000 cubic).


After the disinfectant tablets are added to the swimming pool, the formula for calculating residual chlorine (calculated as 2 g per cubic meter - one piece of disinfectant) is 2G * 50% * 1000 = 1000MG (2 grams of disinfectant) containing effective chlorine, units, milligrams of tablets)

 1000MG / 1000L (1 cubic) = 1MG / L (also known as 1PPM) That is, if you add 1 cubic meter, if there is no consumption, the theoretical concentration is generally, after adding the disinfectant, the disinfectant will definitely react with the bacteria in the water. Interacts with algae (that is, it is consumed by organic matter in the water). Due to the different water quality of the swimming pool to the swimming pool, the same number of disinfecting tablets are added to different swimming pools.

The measurable residual chlorine concentration is also different, the water quality is good, the residual chlorine is high, the water quality is poor, and the residual chlorine content is low. Therefore, we recommend using at least 2 kg / 1000 m3 at night.

In addition, if the water quality is green or white, it is best to add.

It is best to add 0.5-1 hour of disinfection before the swimming pool is open. The residual chlorine should be tested before adding, then add 1 kg of disinfectant to 1000 m3, increase the dose of 1 MG / L, and calculate the dose.

For example, if you want to add 0.5 MG / L to a 500 cubic pool, add 0.5 kg of disinfectant.