Hubei Province - Regulations On The Safety Management Of Hazardous Chemicals

- Jul 21, 2020-

    The "Measures" not only focus on the specific provisions of the "Safety Production Law" and other laws and regulations, pay more attention to combining Hubei's reality, highlight the practical problems facing the safety management of hazardous chemicals, and add new regulations and new content.

    The first is the new provision of full-time staff. Full-time safety production management personnel should be no less than 2% of the total number of employees in the business unit, with at least two people. Units producing, storing and using hazardous chemicals with more than 500 employees shall have at least 30% of the production safety management personnel with registered safety engineers or registered assistant safety engineers in the category of hazardous materials; if there are less than 500 employees, At least one registered safety engineer or registered assistant safety engineer in the category of hazardous materials safety shall be provided. 

    The second is to improve new regulations for intrinsic safety. Places involving flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases should be equipped with gas leakage monitoring and alarm devices, equipped with at least two sets of fully enclosed chemical protective clothing; if a major source of danger is constituted, gas protection stations (groups) should be established. 

    The third is the new safety regulations for hazardous chemical parks. Clear requirements are put forward on the principles of park infrastructure construction, the layout of units in the park, and the establishment of an integrated safety production management platform in the park. 

    The fourth is the new regulations for departmental collaboration. It is required that power supply and water supply enterprises shall not provide electricity and water for production and operation to hazardous chemical units that do not have the conditions for safe production.