Disinfection Performance Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

- Aug 05, 2020-

Methods According to the method of "Disinfection Technical Specification" (2002 edition), the bactericidal effect and disinfection-related performance of the trichloroisocyanuric acid effervescent acid tablet were studied. 


The pH, effective chlorine content, stability, and sterilization test results of the effervescent disinfectant tablet The effective chlorine content of the effervescent disinfectant tablet is 47.6%. After being placed at 54°C for 14 days, the drop decreases by 4.2%; the test solution is 500 mg/L , For Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli for 10 minutes respectively, the average killing logarithm is greater than or equal to 5.00; the field test for surface disinfection (10 minutes for natural bacteria on the desktop) average killing logarithm is 1.56; for fruits and vegetables The simulated field test (30 minutes for Escherichia coli) and the simulated field test for disinfection of food (drinking) utensils (10 minutes for Escherichia coli) are both greater than or equal to 3.00; the energy test proves that the effervescent disinfectant tablet is effective Staphylococcus aureus kills the trichloroisocyanuric acid effervescent disinfection tablet with stable performance, the effective chlorine concentration is 500 mg/L, it is effective against bacterial proliferation in suspension and artificially infected fruits and vegetables, food (drinking) utensils And the natural bacteria on the surface of the object have superimposed killing effect.