Dichloroisocyanuric Acid Is Insoluble In Which Liquid

- Apr 23, 2019-

Due to the strong electrolyte sodium salt formed by dichloroisocyanuric acid and sodium, it is easily soluble in water and hardly soluble in organic solvents.

Can be disinfected as drinking water.

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is a white powder or a granulated solid. It is the most broad-spectrum, efficient and safe disinfectant in oxidizing biocides, and is also the main product of chloroisocyanuric acid. It can kill various pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacterial spores, bacterial propagules and fungi, and has a special killing effect on hepatitis virus, quickly killing and strongly inhibiting blue-green algae and red in circulating water, cooling towers, pools, etc. . system.

Algae such as algae and seaweed.


It has a complete killing effect on sulfate-reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and fungi in circulating water systems.

The main purpose: 

Wool shrinkage treatment agent

Textile industry bleaching

Sterilization and disinfection of aquaculture

Civil health

Industrial circulating water treatment

Food industry, cleaning and disinfection of public places