Configure And Use Disinfectant Properly

- Aug 06, 2020-

Personal safety cleaning personnel when preparing and using disinfectants should wear appropriate personal protective equipment and be trained to use the equipment safely. When working in places where there are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients or in places for screening, triage and clinical diagnosis and treatment, cleaning staff should wear the following personal protective equipment: gowns, durable gloves, medical masks, goggles (if organic Hazards of substance or chemical splash) and boots or closed work shoes48. Prepare in a well-ventilated place. During preparation and use, avoid mixing different disinfectants, because such mixtures can cause respiratory irritation and can release potentially lethal gases, especially when mixed with hypochlorite solutions 49. 


Therefore, personnel who prepare or use disinfectants in health care facilities need special personal protective equipment because the concentration of disinfectants used in these facilities is high and the time they are exposed to disinfectants during the working day is reduced. Personal defense equipment used to prepare or use disinfectants in health care facilities includes long-sleeved uniforms, closed work shoes, gowns and/or impermeable aprons, rubber gloves, medical masks and goggles (face shields are preferred) §. In non-health care settings, if resource conditions permit, the minimum recommendations for personal protective equipment are rubber gloves, impermeable aprons and closed shoes in the case of preparation and use of disinfectants.34 Goggles and medical masks may also be needed, and brakes provide protection against the risks of chemicals or splashes used.