Choose SDIC As Disinfectant In Swimming Pool

- Oct 15, 2019-

Nowadays, there are so many products for swimming pool disinfection. Due to the large number of passengers in the swimming pool, this also adds a lot of burden to the swimming pool health problem. In the market, there are many disinfection products for swimming pools. It is recommended that choose to use SDIC is better.

SDIC is a disinfectant and sterilization product produced and sold by Shanghai SDIC Chemical. It has strong killing effect and can kill quickly all kinds of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. in the swimming pool. It is safe, simple and easy to use. The using amount is small but the effect is fast, and the duration is long.

SDIC can be quickly disinfected against the health problems in the swimming pool. It can be disinfected whether it is in the locker room or inside. At the same time, it can also suppress and kill various algae problems in the swimming pool.

Therefore, SDIC is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, which can be used not only in swimming pools, but also in the disinfection of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public places.