Chlorine Solution Configuration With Calcium Hypochlorite

- Aug 06, 2020-

[Needed chlorine percentage / hypochlorite powder or granule chlorine percentage

Ratio]×1000 = grams of calcium hypochlorite powder should be added per liter of water.

For example: [0.5% (required chlorine)/35% (content of hypochlorite powder)

Quantity)]×1000 = 0.0143×1000 = 14.3

Therefore, to prepare a 0.5% chlorine solution, 14.3 must be dissolved in each liter of water

Grams of calcium hypochlorite powder.

Depending on the source of chlorine and environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature or UV

Upon exposure, chlorine will rapidly decompose in the solution. Chlorine solution should be stored in opaque


In the container, set up a well-ventilated, covered place, and avoid sunlight

Direct shot 35. The chlorine solution is most stable when the pH value is higher (> 9), but at pH

It has stronger disinfection effect when hospitalized (<8). It has been proven that when

When the pH value is higher than 9, the concentration of 0.5% and 0.05% chlorine solution is 25-

It can remain stable for more than 30 days at a temperature of 35°C. However, the pH is relatively

The shelf life of low-chlorine solutions is shorter36. Therefore, ideally,

Fresh chlorine solution should be prepared every day. If this is not possible, and

The chlorine solution must be used for several days, and it should be tested every day to ensure that the chlorine is maintained concentration.