A​nhydrous Calcium Chloride And Calcium Chloride

- Aug 13, 2020-


1. Existence form: 

Anhydrous calcium chloride and dihydrate calcium chloride are classified according to the existence form of calcium chloride molecules in the substance. Anhydrous calcium chloride is basically not concentrated, only a small amount of external water (about a few impurities); each calcium chloride molecule in calcium chloride dihydrate exists in the form of two crystal water, and the amount of accumulation in the substance Higher (this does not mean that its quality is not good, but a state of existence of matter).

2. Appearance: 

Anhydrous calcium chloride is generally spherical with a diameter of 2-6 mm, while calcium chloride dihydrate is generally flake with a thickness of 1-2 mm. Colors such as high purity are white, and low purity corresponds to lower whiteness.

3. Net content: 

The net content of calcium chloride in anhydrous calcium chloride is 90% or more than 94%, and the net content of calcium chloride in calcium chloride dihydrate is about 70%.

4. Different functions:

Calcium chloride has important application value in the fields of food manufacturing, building materials, medicine and biology. Calcium chloride has outstanding adsorption capacity for ammonia and low desorption temperature, and has great application prospects in the adsorption and separation of synthetic ammonia. Calcium chloride dihydrate can be prepared by reacting hydrochloric acid with limestone powder. Use refrigerant, antifreeze, fire extinguishing agent for melting ice and melting snow.