What is Calcium Hypochlorite?

- Jul 27, 2020-

The process of preparing calcium hypochlorite by sodium method. The mortar obtained in the slurry preparation process is separately pre-reacted with chlorine gas, and then the reaction mixture is solid-liquid, and the obtained solid mixture is sent to the batching tank; at the same time, the chlorine gas and a certain amount of hydrogen Sodium oxide reacts.


 After the solid-liquid separation of the reaction mixture, the liquid product is also sent to the batching tank. After the solid-liquid mixture in the batching tank is evenly stirred, it is sent to the chlorination reactor for chlorination reaction with chlorine gas to obtain the The inventive process replaces the original one-step chlorination reaction by a three-step chlorination reaction, which greatly reduces the amount of chlorine used, and the reaction is more complete. The effective chlorine content of calcium hypochlorite in the product is increased from 65% to 70%-75%, which improves The purity of the product; the mother liquor has also been treated, and the available chlorine can be recovered to the greatest extent, saving production costs.

Bleaching powder essence is calcium hypochlorite. Its molecular formula is Ca(C10)2. It has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, bleaching, and algae killing. It is widely used in the disinfection of swimming pools and drinking water, homes, schools, hospitals and public places. Sanitation and bacteria control in restaurants, canteens, dairy industry, beverage industry and other food industries.

 It can also be used for bacteria control in industry and other food industries. It can also be used for the purification of industrial wastewater. It can be used as a chemical poison in military industry. Disinfectants for radioactive substances have very good market prospects.