The Influence Of Form On The Performance Of Calcium Chloride

- Aug 12, 2020-

1. Powdered calcium chloride is prepared by spray drying method. Dust easily adheres to equipment, workshops and personnel after absorbing water, and even endangers the normal operation of equipment and personnel health. In addition, powdered calcium chloride has strong hygroscopicity and is corrosive by absorbing moisture in the air during use.


2. Flakes calcium chloride is made by steaming and concentrating liquid calcium chloride, cooling and crystallization, drying and dehydrating. The process has high labor intensity, low product recovery rate, high water content and impurities, and irregular product shape, which is not conducive to product packaging, transportation and use.


3. The shape of granular calcium chloride is close to spherical, it has certain fluidity when used, and it is convenient to pack and transport. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by the market. Moreover, the market price is higher than powdered and massive calcium chloride. The market demand is large and the supply is in short supply. The production process of spherical calcium chloride mainly includes fluidized bed, high tower and spray pelletizing.