The Characteristics of Liquid Calcium Chloride

- Aug 18, 2020-

1. Alkaline: Hydrogen chloride is easily volatile after the degradation of chloride ions, so the decomposition of calcium ions is alkaline.

2. Conductive: Because there are ions that can move freely in the solution.

3. Low freezing point: Liquid calcium chloride contains calcium chloride solute, so the freezing point of liquid calcium chloride is lower than that of water.

4. High boiling point: Liquid calcium chloride contains calcium chloride solute, so liquid calcium chloride has a higher boiling point than water.

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5. Evaporation crystallization: In the crystallization filled with hydrogen chloride, calcium ions decompose, and liquid calcium chloride evaporates and crystallizes.

6. Easy to store: Liquid calcium chloride is colorless and transparent, tastes slightly bitter, salty, non-toxic, non-volatile, easy to store

7. Reduce the cost of use: Compared with solid calcium chloride, liquid calcium chloride is simple to operate, convenient, reliable, and labor-saving, which can reduce the cost of factory use.

8. Wide application: widely used in sewage treatment, pipeline refrigerant (this product is weakly alkaline and can effectively reduce pipeline corrosion), molecular sieve raw materials, construction coagulant, and the use of sodium alginate industry, soy product industry flocculant Wait.