How to use sodium trichloroisocyanurate disinfection tablets

- Feb 18, 2019-

How to use sodium trichloroisocyanurate disinfection tablets (for reference only):

 1. Disinfection of drinking water: add 0.4g per 100kg of water and stir for a while.

 2. Swimming pool disinfection: 3 to 5 grams per cubic meter per day in the swimming pool.

 3. Industrial circulating cooling water treatment: 0.5g per 1m3 of water, the concentration of free chlorine in cooling water is generally controlled between 0.25~0.5ppm, and the pH is 7~8. ## #4. Other:

(1) Disinfection of tableware.

Add 0.25 grams per 5 kg of water and soak the washed tableware for 5 minutes.

(2) Sewage and manure treatment.

Add 5 grams per cubic meter of sewage or feces to eliminate odors.

(3) Seed sterilization.

Seed disinfection using TCCA can break the dormancy period of seeds, increase the germination rate of seeds, and inhibit the occurrence of diseases. Equally important, it has no environmental pollution problems and is harmless to humans and animals.

The method was to soak for 12 hours with a 0.2% TCCA aqueous solution.

(4) Sterilization and disinfection of the aquaculture industry.

#n ##(5) For the disinfection of hospital sewage, diapers, banknotes, medicine bowls and utensils.

Compared with the commonly used new Jieer, stone water, chlorhexidine and chloramine T, the dosage of TCCA is only 1/10 to 1/100 of the above conventional disinfectant. The same disinfectant has a fast sterilization speed and the effect is very good. it is good.

(6) Disinfection and deodorants in households and public places.

Its formula is: TCCA 25%, decontamination powder 25~65%, p-dichlorobenzene 10~15%, suitable for disinfection and deodorization of toilets, garbage and Yinjinggou.

(7) Disinfection environment, drinking water, livestock and poultry feed troughs, etc.

Disinfect with 4-6 mg/kg of drinking water and powder, and disinfect with environment and apparatus with a solution of 200-400 mg/kg.