How To Disinfect Properly?

- Aug 20, 2020-

   Pang Xinghuo introduced that the main way of transmission of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission and contact transmission. This means that the new crown virus is concentrated in the areas where the droplets of cases or asymptomatic infections can reach, usually within 1 meter; and the parts that hands frequently touch, such as armrests, seats, door handles, elevator cars, buttons , Escalators, office desks, public phones, car handles, steering wheels and other details, or indoor environments where patients stayed, elevators, etc. It makes sense to target the parts and places that the virus frequently "visits" for disinfection.

       Many people have questions: Should you go home and disinfect your shoes and clothing on a large scale?

      "Shoes are safer and there are fewer chances to come into contact with droplets. After you go home, you can put your shoes in the hall; if you touch them, you can wash your hands." Pang Xinghuo said, from the perspective of infectious diseases, the crowd If there is no confirmed patient, the cleaning should be strengthened in places where there are no confirmed patients, such as conference rooms, hotels, supermarkets, etc.; the parts that can be touched by the hands should be disinfected, and the other parts can be cleaned.

      "In the face of the epidemic, we should disinfect them scientifically and appropriately to prevent residual disinfectants from harming people and the environment." Lin Baixue appealed.