How to comprehensively evaluate the quality of chlorine dioxide tablets

- Feb 20, 2019-

Chlorine dioxide tablets are internationally recognized as new strong oxidants and are an ideal replacement for chlorine disinfectants.

Since its inception, it has received widespread attention. Chlorine Dioxide (Cl O2) is a safe, efficient, broad-spectrum, and potent biocide approved by the UN World Health Organization and promoted globally.

The basic characteristic of chlorine dioxide chlorine dioxide is a yellow-green to orange-red gas at room temperature with a suffocating odor.

  2006, China's

The city's water plant began to disinfect with chlorine dioxide tablets.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of China's chlorine dioxide regulations and standards, as well as the large chlorine dioxide generating equipment industry, high-purity chlorine dioxide equipment will enter the drinking water disinfection market in the near future.

Chlorine dioxide is a chlorine-containing disinfectant. It is recommended to buy a good powder. The dilution point should be sprayed according to the concentration ratio. If it is too much trouble, it can be volatilized slowly in the corner of the house.