Excellent chlorine net turned out to resolve the crisis

- Apr 04, 2019-

The rainstorms in the past few days have been quiet, and the air has become more refreshing and the temperature has decreased, but it has made some aquaculture industries difficult. If it were not for the timely presentation of the excellent chlorine, the owners of the major aquaculture farms did not know how to spend this summer. What did this middle haircut do?

Originally, because the local site of the aquaculture farm was an open-air farming operation, the heavy rains of the day caused a large number of bacterial fungi and harmful pathogens in the water to breed and multiply, and many fish and shrimps in the farm died. Although conventional water exchange and conventional disinfection with quicklime can alleviate a part of the pests and diseases, but the large-scale pools are polluted, the conventional way is not enough. A farm has purchased the excellent chlorine products of Zhongbei Precision Chemicals from the Internet. I wanted to try it out briefly, but I did not expect a change in the sky.

Euchloric acid releases hypochlorous acid after it is soluble in water, so that it can undergo protein denaturation of bacterial fungi, interfere with the pathogen's enzyme system and affect the pathogen's DNA synthesis process, so that the bacterial fungus growing in the pool will die rapidly. And inhibit its reproduction, thereby playing the role of disinfection and purification, water purification. 99% of the sterilization rate makes you stand out from the crowd. At the same time, because of its stable chemical nature, non-toxic reaction, safe and simple use of Bento, it is deeply loved and sought after by the bosses of the vast water industry breeding industry.

Generally speaking, due to the fact that there are more rains in the early summer and late autumn, it is a frequent period of fish disease. When the parasitic diseases are popular in the prevailing season, the high-efficiency and broad-spectrum effect of the excellent chlorine tablets is more common than the traditional traditional disinfection products. More and more prominent. At the same time, the breeding boss can stop the scientific feeding and the water temperature and water quality testing, so that it can prevent fish disease and control water pollution.