Calcium Chloride Flakes In Water

Calcium Chloride Flakes In Water

CAS No.:10043-52-4, 10043-52-4
EINECS No.:233-140-8
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity:74% - 94%
Model Number:74% - 94%
Water insoluble::0.15% max
Sulphate:0.1% max
Magnesium and alkali metal chloride:4.0% max
Heavy Mental:0.001% max
Alkalinity:0.20% max
Appearance:White flake
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Product Details

Product description:

Flake calcium chloride dihydrate is a chemical substance with the molecular formula CaCl2.

Calcium chloride can be widely used in water treatment applications.

The calcium chloride content is more than 74%, and it is one of the important chemical raw materials, which is widely used in our production and life.

Due to its nature, it is usually also used for drying purposes and has a wide range of applications.

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1) In construction, it can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of building mortar, and it is an excellent building antifreeze. It is widely used in the real estate industry.

2) In industrial production, it is often used as a desiccant, such as the drying of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases.

3) Dihydrate flake calcium chloride water is also an important refrigerant for refrigerators and ice making.

4) Dehydration of calcium chloride dihydrate in the production of alcohols, esters, ethers and acrylic resins.

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Shipping and Storing:

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